United Methodist Church Trial of Amy DeLong

Wisconsin United Methodist Church Trial of Rev. Amy DeLong

The Wisconsin United Methodist Church Trial of Rev. Amy DeLong

While the church is called to be the body of Christ present in the world, the church trial of Rev. Amy DeLong signifies the brokeness of that body and witness.  We invite you to join us in prayer, study, worship and witness as we look for ways to bring healing to the body of Christ.

We grieve:

  • That the practices of the United Methodist Church have not been welcoming to gay and lesbian people
  • That the church's witness has not been to love with a whole heart
  • The way the church is represented in the media 

We yearn for:

  • The unconditional love of God to be made known in this time of trial
  • Genuine Christ-like community to be experienced by all people
  • The City of Kaukauna, WI to know us by our love
  • A renewed desire to increase our practice of hospitality
  • Healing for any who have been hurt by the church's current stance on homosexuality  

We pray for:

  • Rev. Amy DeLong and those who love her, the church, those in the jury, those on the witness stand and the presiding bishop, Clay Lee
  • A renewed passion for our mission to make the love of Christ known to all people
  • The church and all of God's children that they may not be marginalized or reduced to a spectacle
  • A greater study of scripture
  • The healing of the church and those who have been hurt by our witness