Programs and Ministries

Passions + Gifts = Ministry

The strength of our ministries comes from the blessings and gifts we have been given. Each of us has something to share which blesses both the giver and the recipient. We hope you will find a ministry where you can be blessed and be a blessing for others.  Is there is a need in your life? Try a program where you might serve or grow in faith.  Where is God nudging you? What are you passionate about and what do you love doing? When we pair our passions with our gifts, we find our ministry. 

First UMC is always looking for ways to be in ministry to, for and with others, so if you have a passion for a new ministry that you may not see at First UMC, speak to a staff person or a member of that team.

We pray that you will find a group that becomes your church within a church. Our baptisms have made ministers of each of us. Enjoy the adventure.