God calls each of us to reach out to and share with our neighbors in order to build strong communities in a diverse world. Jesus modeled a life of mission work, providing for the least and the lost by listening, healing, serving and sharing. We are called to do the same.

First United Methodist Church celebrates that there is an ever growing number of people who worship with us on Sunday and volunteer and serve in the community during the week. Many of the groups at First UMC have some mission-related component, so we invite you to seek a group that will allow you to grow in your service to others.

We are intentional about being in mission outreach in a variety of ways. Explore a little more to find ways to give financial support as well as to ways to volunteer with one of the outreach organizations that we support. You’re sure to find a place where your interests and gifts match the needs of the world as we offer mission opportunities that are local, regional, national and global.

Update from our Missionary in Zambia

Dear Friends and Supporting Congregation,

GBGM has just let me know that you have contributed to my Salary Support in the past months. It is great to know that I have people praying for me and helping me to continue in my work here at Mujila Falls Agriculture Centre (Advance Special 15016A). We have completed planting our crops for this year and are now just trying to keep the weeds down. We have completed about half of the barn roof so that our cattle will stay a little dryer and cleaner.

We are producing a lot of milk from our cattle and goats and eggs from our chickens. The good news is that demand is increasing as knowledge of the health effects of drinking milk and eating eggs increases. The other factor is that local people are planting larger fields and have greater disposable incomes and, thus, can afford milk and eggs.

If you are interested in supporting the work we are doing here at Mujila Falls and not just my salary, please consider giving an additional donation to the Mujila Falls Agriculture Project (Advance Special 15016A). This is what pays for our day care centre, our oxen and other training programs, buys seed, feed, and fertilizer and keeps my workers paid among many other needs.

Also, if you want to be sure to be on our E-MAIL BULLETIN mailing list, please send me an e-mail requesting to be added. Feel free to use any Information from our newsletters on your Missionary Bullentin board and in your church newsletters.

God’s Blessings upon you all from the workers and beneficiaries of Mujila Falls Agricuture Centre.
Rev. Paul L. Webster

What we support

As you undoubtedly know, the needs of the world are great and the opportunities to offer support are endless. At First United Methodist Church, we prioritize our financial support of missions based upon our local connection to outreach ministries such as the Hope Center, Hebron House, and the Women’s Center. In addition, we support those regional, national and global ministries that are recognized by the United Methodist Church as having the highest standards of accountability and reliability. Every United Methodist mission organization receives 100% of your donation to be used directly for the ministry and relief efforts because the overhead and administrations costs are funded through other giving by local churches.

For a full listing of the organizations that we support, download our 2009 Mission Giving Report.

If you are interested in supporting one of the organizations that you see listed, checks can be made payable to First UMC with a designated charity indicated in the memo line. 100% of your gift will go to the organizations you indicate. Checks given to the church marked “missions” will be given to the organization that the Missions Team determines is most in need at the time. First UMC also accepts gifts of stock, property or bequests, which may be designated to missions or church operating expenses. You can find more information by contacting the church office or the Memorial Foundation.

Get involved

Looking for a way to make a difference with your life? Want to be a part of something that changes our community and the world? First United Methodist Church is a congregation that makes a difference in the community and the world by participating in and leading mission work throughout the year.

First UMC invites you to join us in a variety of mission activities that require anywhere from a few minutes to major commitments of your time and energy. Regardless of the time commitment, we know that how we live can and will make a difference for ourselves and others. Collection barrels for the Waukesha Food Pantry are in each of our lobby areas. Check out our main hallway for other seasonal collection barrels and boxes for clothes, games, socks, blankets, etc. Join us throughout the year as we serve meals through Loaves and Fishes or as we volunteer at the Women’s Center. At Christmas, you can be a part of the annual gifts tree that meets the specific needs of families and other non-profit organizations in our local area.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth mission experience, we invite you to join us on the summer mission experience at the end of July. Want more information? Explore the Motown Mission.

Check back often for new opportunities! If you are involved in a mission activity and would like to encourage the congregation to participate, please contact the church office.