SOPHIA unites people of faith to have a powerful voice in their local community, their region and beyond. SOPHIA members believe that it is an authentic expression of faith to stand up for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. Rather than simply providing assistance, we seek to form a community of neighbors who can, together, make our communities places where everyone has a chance to succeed.

To create change SOPHIA utilizes the tools of education, helping communities to better understand the issues that affect their lives; advocacy, speaking with a common voice for our values and action, moving beyond the walls of our churches to make our presence felt and to transform our community.

To do all of this SOPHIA has built an organization with trained leaders and an orderly, effective process that can respond to any issue our members choose to address. SOPHIA functions through a board of directors with representation from every member congregation or institution. In addition to the board, SOPHIA has:

Religious Leaders Caucus:
Each month, pastors and other religious leaders gather to build relationship, to reflect on matters of faith and the pubic arena, and to help shape SOPHIA.

Issues Committee:
Each month, SOPHIA leaders gather to reflect on issues and to plan strategies. We have dealt with jail issues, school issues, immigration rights and more.

Trainings and Actions:
SOPHlA offers a variety of leadership training opportunities for its members. On a regular basis,SOPHA sponsors forums or other public events.

Recruiting, Fundraising/Finance:
SOPHIA supports itself through dues paid by congregations, "sustaining members” (individuals), fundraising (a Prayer Breakfast and other events) and grants from foundations.

SOPHIA is part of WISDOM, which has more than 125 member congregations in several local organizations. Our nearest WISDOM neighbor is MICAH in Milwaukee. Other sister organizations are in Green Bay, the Fox Valley, Racine, Kenosha, Beloit/Janesville, LaCrosse, Eau Claire.

For the latest SOPHIA news check the official SOPHIA website.